Quay cranes for two projects departed from the wharf of Changxing Branch.

Time:2021-02-10    Number:306    【Big Middle Small】    
On January 31, Vessel ZHEN HUA 29 slowly departed from the wharf of Changxing Branch with two quay cranes for Hehuang Oman and three quay cranes for Somaliland for the customer’s wharf. 
The Oman quay crane has a reach distance of 68 meters and the maximum lifting height is 53 meters, which fulfills the necessary conditions for large-scale ship operations; EZ electronic control system is adopted; the crane can be operated from an automatic remote-control station to meet the future development requirements of the wharf. During construction, HAECO Group accelerated production while maintaining normalized epidemic prevention and control and tried to minimize the impact. Finally, the cranes were shipped for the destination two months ahead of schedule. 
ITP was strictly observed for the production of the structural components of quay cranes for Somaliland. With a reasonable construction plan, the team members worked closely, coped with various problems arising from the operation of the project, and completed the final tasks of the project in an orderly manner. All of their efforts have established a solid foundation for the shipment. 

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