Automated rail-mounted cranes were unloaded at the PPG wharf, Liverpool, the U.K.

Time:2021-02-10    Number:1410    【Big Middle Small】    
Recently, ZPMC completed the unloading of five automated rail-mounted cranes at the PPG wharf, Liverpool, the U.K.
A total of ten automated rail-mounted cranes were produced for this project. They were repurchased after the PPG wharf’s cooperation with ZPMC in 2014. After traveling for 45 days on the ocean, “Vessel Zhenhua 26” arrived safely at the Liverpool Port. In January, the weather in Liverpool was freezing. The tidal range was nearly 9 meters when the cranes were unloaded. The on-site team had to overcome difficulties such as epidemic, snowstorm, poor conditions in the wharf while ensuring the safety of people. With carefully prepared construction scheme, optimized unloading plan as well as efficient and orderly arrangement of daily tasks, the on-site team successfully completed the unloading. 

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