ZPMC Gains the Tractor Order of PSA Natural Gas Terminal Again

Time:2021-02-04    Number:358    【Big Middle Small】    
Recently, after winning the bid for 110 offset tractors of Port of Singapore Authority in 2019, ZPMC's Southeast Asia Subsidiary once again won the order of 50 offset tractors for natural gas terminals in Singapore Port, making a good start in the new year.
In early 2020, the unexpected COVID-19 had an impact on the construction of terminal facilities and the production of 110 terminal tractors. In the face of the adverse situation, the Southeast Asian Subsidiary, together with Shanxi Automobile Group, has not only completed the trial production of the sample tractor in advance, but also completed the tractor inspection in remote form. Considering that this is the first time for users in the Port of Singapore to use natural gas-powered terminal tractors, on the basis of remote tractor inspection, the Southeast Asia Subsidiary also ships the sample tractor that has been debugged to the user's site for on-site inspection. The equipment for the new order is expected to be delivered by July 2021, when the number of natural gas terminal tractors in the Port of Singapore will reach 160, helping users achieve the phased goal of transition to clean energy.
The Port of Singapore is the flagship port operated by Port of Singapore Authority Group, with a throughput of 36.87 million TEUs in 2020, ranking second in the world.

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