Overall Promotion of New Tolerance Type Pull Rod Guide Frame for Quay Crane

Time:2021-01-19    Number:1909    【Big Middle Small】    
Recently, new tolerance type pull rod guide frame for quay cranes of ZPMC has received good feedback in product applications and is highly recognized by users.
When the girder of the quay crane is raised, the pull rod guide frame is an essential part to prevent the pull rod from swinging freely laterally. Compared with the traditional guide frame, the tolerance type pull rod guide frame designed by ZPMC has the advantages of simple structure, reliable quality, better workmanship, lighter weight, and stronger tolerance, and can reduce half of welding exhaust gas emissions during manufacturing. In addition, its tolerance type design of being large in the upper part and small in the lower part also greatly improves the accuracy of the pull rod guidance and improves the reliability of the girder pitching operation.
At present, the Company has launched 9 series of standard pull rod guide frames, which are suitable for all double box girder quay crane products. Following the successful application in DPW Chile, SIPG Shangdong, Spain Valencia and other quay crane projects, the tolerance type pull rod guide frame has been fully promoted.

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