Smooth Unloading of 2 Quay Cranes from Ship at GCT Terminal, Canada

Time:2020-12-24    Number:830    【Big Middle Small】    
Recently, 2 quay cranes have been unloaded at GCT Terminal in Canada. This batch of equipment and three quay cranes in Oakland, the United States arrived at the anchorage ground in the Vancouver port area on November 20 on the "ZHEN HUA 35" ship, waiting for the lowering of girders to cross the bridge.
In Vancouver, it is particularly cold and humid in winter, but the on-site team rose to the difficulties. Originally it was planned to complete the lowering of the girders of 5 quay cranes in 5 days, but it only took 2 days. Since the Company has communicated with users many times before and formulated a detailed unloading plan, the ship unloading preparation was started on the site one hour after the ship berthed, and the unloading of the two cranes was successfully completed on December 1.

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