Two Shore Bridges in RWG Project in the Netherlands were Delivered Successfully

Time:2020-11-18    Number:2710    【Big Middle Small】    
Recently, ZPMC Shore Bridge Delivery Team successfully delivered two shore bridges at the Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG) wharf in the Netherlands, which was accepted by users.
The two shore bridges in RWG Project in the Netherlands are double-trolley double-lifting automatic shore bridges. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak abroad, members of the shore bridge delivery team were unable to get visas to travel aboard. By then, two shore bridges had been sent to the user terminal as scheduled. In order to ensure the project's smooth unloading, the Shore Bridge Department of Shanghai International Group Co., Ltd. immediately contacted the on-site after-sales team and the Dutch subsidiary to set up a temporary unloading team and complete the unloading task within the short berthing window period given by the users.
Since this project has a high degree of automation and great difficulty in debugging with so many on-site service suppliers, the on-site delivery team has reasonably arranged the debugging work of each supplier and worked overtime to complete a single machine test and remote debugging in a short period of time. Additionally, it has completed the automatic durability tests of 2 machines with high quality on October 20th and 21st according to the user's requirements, and delivered the equipment successfully on November 2.

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