Three port equipment dispatched to Sihanoukville Autonomous Port, Cambodia

Time:2020-11-02    Number:300    【Big Middle Small】    
Recently, one container gantry crane and two rubber-tired gantry cranes, manufactured by Zhenhua Heavy Industry for Shianoukville Autonomous Port, Cambodia, were dispatched off the dock of Changxing branch. 
This container gantry crane comes with a rated lifting capacity of 38 tonnes, a gauge of 20 m, a lifting height of 25 m, a front telescopic range of 36 m, a rear telescopic range of 12 m, and small single-box-girder construction. A sparrow may be small but has all the vital organs. Equipped with anti-rolling system and central closed-circuit monitoring system, this container gantry crane is capable of providing a more comfortable space for the operator. 
The two rubber-tired gantry cranes, shipped on the same vessel, come with a rated lifting capacity of 41 tonnes, a span of 23.5 m, a lifting height of 18.1 m. For the equipment, manufacture commenced this February, final assembly was completed in August, and debugging and test runs were finished in the beginning of October. 
Sihanoukville Autonomous Port is the largest port and also the only special economic zone in Cambodia. Previously Sihanoukville Autonomous Port has ever procured equipment from our company. The re-procurement indicates their trust in our brand and recognition of the quality of our products. 

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