Zhenhua Heavy Industry’s subsidiary (Middle East) won the bid of ABU Dhabi dock equipment maintenance of COSCO Shipping

Time:2020-11-02    Number:291    【Big Middle Small】    
Recently, the Middle East based subsidiary of Zhenhua Heavy Industry won the bid of ABU Dhabi dock equipment maintenance of COSCO Shipping, incl. the maintenance work of eleven container gantry cranes, thirty-two automatized rail-mounted gantry cranes, access gate systems, sixty-six inner container trucks, reach stackers, container handlers and other mobile equipment, as well as the associated dock facilities. 
The Khalifa Port, ABU Dhabi , UAE, where the dock is located, is a critical hub in the Middle East region, lies at the throat in the hub of West Asia shipping, and is also a pivot along the route of Belt Road Initiative. All port equipment and automation systems are independently designed and manufactured by Zhenhua Heavy Industry. 
The equipment has successively arrived at the destination since August 2018, which lasted sixteen months. And the company ahead of the schedule completed the debugging and inspection for all automatized container gantry cranes, rail-mounted gantry cranes and automation systems. 

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