Shipping 4STS to Israel HCT Port

Time:2020-11-02    Number:819    【Big Middle Small】    
Four STSs manufactured by ZPMC for the user of HCT Port in Israel were shipped from Changxing Branch on September 30th. These STSs are 92m high totally, with the front extending distance of 70m, the rear extending distance of 26m, the lifting height of 50+20m, the track gauge of 35m, the lifting weight of 66t under the spreader and the lifting speed of 90m/minute(with full load). The STSs are equipped with 34 cameras for the operation and monitoring, VAS container truck positioning system, SPSS vessel type scanning system, LPS anti-swing and anti-twist system, OCR container identification system, BTG trolley position positioning system and seaside transfer platform, making sure the reliable and efficient remote control. 
HCT Port is a totally new terminal invested by TiL Group in Israel. The project is the first cooperation of ZPMC and TiL Group in Israel. The Company will provide 8 highly automatic STSs under the remote control totally. 

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