Delivery of automatic RMGs to Hanjin New Port of Inchon

Time:2020-11-02    Number:2190    【Big Middle Small】    
ZPMC delivered 6 RMGs successfully to Hanjin New Port of Inchon of Korea on September 30th. The delivery team completed the delivery as stipulated in the contract in spite of the impact of the pandemic, winning the high praise form the user, who sent the letter of thanks for the professional and efficient work of the team. 
It was only 55 days ahead of the delivery date stipulated in the contract when the delivery team arrived at the site in Korean due to the impact of the Covid-19. It was hardly impossible to complete the delivery for operation of 6 RMGs within 55 days in the history of the automatic RMGs debugging. 
However, the delivery team tried to catch up with the delivery process with the spirit of hard work. The team, with the remote support from the providers of the subsystems, made the debugging of all single pieces of equipment and automatic subsystems, completing the delivery successfully in the end. 

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