Delivery of STS and RTGs to DP World Ecuador

Time:2020-11-02    Number:2182    【Big Middle Small】    
ZPMC delivered 1 STS and 3 RTGs successfully to DP World Ecuador Posorja Terminal after the manufacturing on September 30th (the local time). 
Despite the much impact of the Covid-19 on the delivery on the site, the delivery team made the scientific planning and the pandemic prevention and control as well to speed up the delivery. The team made close communication and the remote support with the suppliers of imported components who failed to arrive at the delivery site due to the pandemic, completing the debugging of various subsystems in a short period successfully. Meanwhile, the delivery team made the communication with the user for different plans, avoiding the delay to the delivery on the site as much as possible. Finally, the delivery team delivered 3RTGs with 4 days in advance, making sure the commitment of no correction and no major damaged part, winning the user’s approval with the sound operation of the equipment. 
Posorja Terminal is the first deep water port of Ecuador. The first phase of the project has been completed at present. 4STSs and 15 RTGs of the Terminal were supplied by the Company. 

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