Site lifting of 2 STSs of innovative design for Turkey after passing IZIMIT Bay Bridge

Time:2020-03-05    Number:1983    【Big Middle Small】    

2 STSs were lifted successfully in Turkey on February 22nd. They were shipped on Zhenhua No. 16 with the lowered upper structure due to the headroom limit of the Bridge. The windlass was used to lift the upper structure to the original position after the ship arrived at the destination. ZPMC team completed unloading the STSs successfully, despite high technical difficulty, much work and bad weather.

DP Wld Yarimca placed an additional order of such 2 STSs with the lifting height above the track of 52m. It was impossible for them in the common shipping mode to pass IZIMIT Bay Bridge with the maximum headroom of 60m. Therefore, the Company took such problem into account in the design stage and designed the upper structure of the π shape, which could be lowered during the shipping and lifted to the original position after arriving at and rolling on the user’s terminal.

Zhenhua No. 16 anchored before the Bridge in Turkey on January 14th and then front beams of 2 STSs were unbounded and pitched lower than the highest point of piers. Zhenhua No. 16 increased the load to maximum draught of 12m before passing the Bridge. The Turk Loydu considered the whole height was lower than the headroom of 60m after the site measurement. Zhenhua No. 16 passed IZIMIT Bay Bridge in the morning of January 21st and berthed at the User’s terminal.

To complete the unloading within the berth window phase required by the user, the unloading team worked overtime in spite of rains and snows. Finally they completed the work in the afternoon of January 25th and Zhenhua No. 16 left the berth successfully. Then the team members worked hard to lift the 2 STSs after rolling on. They installed the lifting pulley seat, pulled the steel wire and made debugging of the windlass on the user’s terminal and completed the whole lifting on February 22nd.

The COVID-19 broke out at the time. Chinese workers on the lifting site abided by the local epidemic control requirements and accomplished unloading and lifting of STSs safely and efficiently after solving much difficulty.

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