ZPMC shipping super STSs to India

Time:2020-03-05    Number:1841    【Big Middle Small】    

Such STSs were quite large with the single spreader two-container of 60t, the gantry track gauge of 20m, the forward extending distance of 55m and the backward extending distance of 15m and the lifting height of 40m above the track and 20m under the track. The user required four wheels of the STSs should be bounded and strengthened with welded steel plates before shipping, which increased the work of the project team for they had limited manpower.

Many members of the project team failed to return to work due to COVID-19. Therefore, the Company had to organize the workers at the base during the Spring Festival, members of the project team and the debugging team for overtime work. During the work, the members of the project team wore surgical masks and took the temperature at the required time in accordance with the epidemic control requirements.

The project team completed the debugging, correction and loading of 7 STSs in accordance with the considerate plan, making sure the shipping as scheduled.

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