ZPMC shipping super STSs to Netherlands and Germany

Time:2020-03-05    Number:1955    【Big Middle Small】    

In the early morning of February 21st, Zhenhua No. 26 started from the terminal of Changxing Base to Rotterdam Port as planned. The ship was loaded with 4 STSs by ZPMC for Rotterdam Port of Netherlands and Port of Hamburg of Germany. It was the first equipment shipping to foreign countries by ZPMC after the work resumption on February 10th.

ZPMC paid high attention to controlling the epidemic after the breakout of COVID-19 with active control measures. Meanwhile, the Company also focused on the projects with tight time limit. The emergency team was founded with the staff not leaving Changxing Base during the Sprint Festival and others after enough medical isolation to prepare for shipping in accordance with the requirements on work resumption.

It was an important part of the shipping preparation to make sure the normal operation of STS heater to protect electrical components against the erosion of salty fogs in a low temperature during the shipping.  The team, after hard work, completed the preparations before shipping STSs to Rotterdam Port of Netherlands and Port of Hamburg of Germany, of which, the automatic STSs for Rotterdam Port of Netherlands were of two-trolley separated upper supporter with the lifting height of 56m, the highest of the present STSs of the same type. They were super large and high STSs. The STSs for Port of Hamburg of Germany were of two-lifting and two-box girder, with the whole weight of 2,600t, which were called as the overlength and overweight STSs.

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