Delivery of intelligent unmanned straddle carrier to Sweden

Time:2020-01-10    Number:6088    【Big Middle Small】    

ZPMC shipped two intelligent unmanned straddle carriers from Changxing Base to HWL Stockholm terminal on December 15th. It is the first commercial contract on the intelligent straddle carrier by ZPMC, indicating the innovative product winning the approval of the leading market.

The project team focused on the shipping and stayed on the site for 24 hours after the berthing of the transportation vehicle, completing the transfer, lifting and binding, making sure the safe and timely shipping. ZPMC would appoint the professional delivery team to make sure successful operation of the straddle carriers.

HWL invested a new automatic container terminal in Stockholm Sweden in 2019 and ZPMC developed and provided the container horizontal transportation and yard handling solution with all intelligent unmanned straddle carriers on the basis of the development trend of the global straddle carriers and AI.

The straddle carrier of hybrid power can lift one container across three lines and can be used by the operator or work in unmanned mode, of which such two modes can be switched freely. The new mode of multiple sensor and navigation system is used in the unmanned straddle carrier, featuring leading positioning accuracy and control level in the world.

Such straddle carrier with multiple AI intelligent control systems can complete the horizontal transportation and yard handling of containers and warehouse management of terminals. It can be used with different TOS systems of different terminals. The R&D team also provides the safety system and strategy for automatic terminals, making sure safer operation and higher accuracy and working under all working conditions of all weathers.

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