21MW photovoltaic power station by ZPMC winning first design and quality certificate in the world

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ZPMC Changxing 21MW distributed Photovoltaic power station won the first IECRE design certificate and quality certificate in the world on December 17th, of which the ceremony was held in ZPMC Changxing Base.

IECRE is the global renewable energy equipment transfer system founded in September 2014, intended to set up the uniform international technical standards and renewable energy certification system of high quality and to promote the international authorities and market's acceptance in the world, thus, improving the convenient international trade.  TÜV NORD, established in August 2017, is the first certificate authority to issue two certificates in China.

ZPMC Changxing Station is the distributed photovoltaic power station with the largest single unit in Shanghai in 2018, consisting of 68,310 highly efficient silicon solar panels, 228 parallel inverters, conflux booster system, prefabricated switch station and monitoring system. It has the grid-connection voltage of 10KV. The Station, designed with the power for self-consumption and the rest to the gird, was put into operation at the end of 2018. It would generate the power of 472.5857millioin kWh for 25 years as predicted, meaning the annual average generating capacity of 18.9034million kWh, equivalent to reducing the carbon emission of 471.16millionkg, promising the better benefits.

The Station passed strict evaluations on different standards, including IEC 62548:2016, IEC62446-1:2016 and IECRE OD-401:2019.Wining the certificates shows the design and construction quality of Changxing Station is leading in the world with wide credit and approval in the globe and promoting the quality development of the photovoltaic industry in China.

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