Successful hoisting of first steel truss of Jin’an Bridge of Huaping-Lijiang Highway, a suspension one with largest span in the world

Time:2019-11-27    Number:6582    【Big Middle Small】    

The first steel truss of Jin’an Bridge by ZPMC Steel Structure Department was hoisted successfully in October 18th, indicating the official construction of the main bridge floor.

The Bridge is designed as the steel-truss suspension one of 4 lanes in two ways, of which the first truss is 21.6m long and 27m wide, weighing 212 tons totally. The Bridge is of the plate-truss and the stiffening girder with the main span of 1,386m, critical for the construction of Huaping-Lijiang Highway.The Bridge of the tunnel anchor, cable tower, cable saddle, cable, plate-truss and stiffening girder is the steel-truss suspension bridge under construction with the largest span in valleys in the world at present. The main girder is of the plate-truss and stiffening girder. The Bridge consists of 128 sections, of which the floor plate is of the U-rib of fusion butt welding, the first in the steel bridge in China.

The Bridge will promote the construction of the road network in Yunnan, the development and poverty relief and the local tourism of the northwest of the Province. The travel time by train from Lijiang of Yunnan to Panzhihua of Sichuan will be shortened from 6h to 2h and that to Chengdu will be less than 7h. It will be quite convenient for the travel, work and life of the local residents with such rapid traffic between Yunnan and Sichuan.



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