ZPMC, China Mobile, Vodafone and Huawei issuing White Book on 5G Smart Ports

Time:2019-11-27    Number:6298    【Big Middle Small】    

The 10th Globe Mobile Broadband Forum was held in Zurich of Switzerland recently and ZPMC participated in it at the invitation.

ZPMC, China Mobile, Vodafone and Huawei issued White Book on 5G Smart Ports on the Forum, making deep descriptions on the role of 5G in automatic and intelligent restructure of ports to speed up the application research and project launching of 5G in ports. Related responsible persons of ZPMC and other three companies made discussion on how to provide more effective solutions of smart ports for clients with the technologies of AI, cloud computing and big data.

The fast development of the 5G technology, featuring the large bandwidth, low time delay and high reliability, will provide the brand new communication solution for machinery of ports, improving the further development of intelligent ports. ZPMC establishes the leading group for the technologies of 5G and AI for more cooperation with Huawei and China Mobile. They have made the pilot test on the remote control of RTGs with the special 5G port network in Shanghai Yangshan Port and Ningbo Port.

ZPMC will explore to post back the high-frequency videos of RTGs with the large bandwidth of 5G and to make PLC-based real time remote control with the low time delay of the technology. Therefore, the container operators can move and pick containers accurately in the central control room and can also operate more than one RTG at a time, improving work conditions and operation efficiency as well.

Furthermore, with the technology of 5G, the fast wireless network of low cost can be made of multiple applications of ports, including the unmanned driving of AGVs or IGVs and video monitoring on port areas. It can, together with the edge computing and AI capacity, help the coordination of the equipment and production systems and improve the work efficiency and intelligent operation of ports.


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