ZPMC’s ROV into commercial application officially

Time:2019-08-19    Number:12721    【Big Middle Small】    

ZPMC completed the manufacturing of remote operated vehicle (ROV) system developed by the Company recently, indicating the official commercial operation of ROV with the proprietary intellectual property rights.

The ROV system consists of ROV, LARS system, water surface control station and operation supporting system, featuring on complete systems and purpose extension supporting. The ROV, with the rated underwater output power of 200hp, can be used for the work under the depth of 4,000m. It is equipped with different navigation system, lighting system, cameras and sensors. It can support the work of manipulators of different types. The special work chassis can be used on the basis of actual work conditions. The ROV system can work independently or together with the repeater and can be used widely, especially on the marine engineering.  The portable LARS system by ZPMC can be used flexibly on different operation parent vessels. The system, with the active wave compensation, constant tension and stopping ability, can release and recollect ROV safely, reliably and stably, making sure the operation in bad sea conditions.

ZPMC, the leading company in manufacturing marine engineering equipment in China, has been focusing on developing the core technology and manufacturing products with proprietary intellectual property rights.  The Company has mastered the design and manufacturing technology of ROV system at present and can design and manufacture the customized ROV on the basis of actual engineering, providing the core equipment for the development of marine engineering of the Company. 

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