First model of Intelligent and Safe School by ZPMC for Jinhua

Time:2019-07-31    Number:477    【Big Middle Small】    

ZPMC completed the pilot operation of the first model of intelligent and safe school for Huhaitang Primary School of Jinhua recently.

With increasing safety incidents within schools in recent years, ZPMC has been focusing on the school safety closely and developed the safety control system together with cooperation units, which was put into the pilot operation in Huhaitang Primary School in Jinhua.

The safety platform is designed on the basis of the idea of cloud security of the 3rd generation with innovation in the school safety control mode. It adopts the technology of Internet of Things into the school safety control, integrating the safety education, safety control, emergency training with the available facilities of the school. It can help improve the level and sense of the school safety control in middle and primary schools, indicating the school safety control in the cloud era. The platform consists of the school broadcast system, video monitoring system, adjacent alarm system, face identification system and visitor record system, making sure complete monitoring and delicacy management. It establishes the strong safety control system with the integration of safety control, safety emergency training and safety education.  

Meanwhile, the platform can also provide the professional database for safety education, with which the school can make safety education with mobiles, computers and campus broadcast system. It can improve the sense and skills of safety prevention of the students and promotion of the safety knowledge in schools as well. The platform can design the targeted training programs on the basis of actual conditions of different schools, developing the intelligent emergency training program database. It can help the schools to make the scientific and orderly safety trainings and to improve the capacity to handle the emergency in future.

It is the first project of ZPMC in the field of education to support the Safe School Plan by Jinhua. Safety control is one important part of the public well-being. ZPMC has been focusing on solving such hot problems. The Company is developing the globally reliable smart education platform on the basis of the idea of supporting the education with technology and related products. The Company will establish the regional smart education platform with the interconnection, intercommunication and integration of different smart schools, promoting the development of smart education system of students, teachers, schools and regional advantages. ZPMC will provide the quality services with new technology. 

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