Completion of heightening and lifting of the first STS heightening and lengthening project in Europe by ZPMC

Time:2019-07-31    Number:461    【Big Middle Small】    

The Span Subsidiary of ZPMC completed the lifting of the first heightened STS at Noatum Terminal of Spain recently. It is a key node of the STS heightening project to expand the Company’s business in the STS heightening market in Spain.

The Spain Subsidiary, together with the heightening team of the Holland Subsidiary, won the contract of the Project. The two STSs to be heightened are old ones made by Noel Germany, requiring heightening the column by 7.5m and lengthening the front girder by 4m. It was the first project of the Company to heighten and lengthen STSs in Europe and the first project of the Company to heighten STSs not manufactured by the Company in Spain. 

Generally, heightening STSs means moving STSs from the terminal to the back yard, installing lengthened box on the front girder, lifting STSs, installing heightened box, moving STSs from the back yard to the terminal and the debugging. The lifting of STSs was completed one week earlier than the schedule. The welding is made on the heightened part at present. With the successful completion of the lifting STSs, the user is satisfied with the process and quality of the work by the project team. The heightening on the first STS will be completed in the first ten-day of August as scheduled. 

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