Completion of automatic restructuring of container yard in Tianjin Five Continents International Terminal

Time:2019-07-31    Number:484    【Big Middle Small】    

ZPMC completed the automatic restructuring of the container yard in Tianjin Five Continents International Terminal recently, the largest project on the large scale container yard in China. The Project was completed as scheduled with the equipment in stable operation.

The automatic restructuring was made during the normal operation of the container yard. The restructuring involves the mechanical and electrical automatic restructuring of 31 RMGs, real time positioning and identification system of internal and external container trucks, gate control system of automatic container yard, separate two-way network sound system, central control room intelligent monitoring and real time display of positions of the equipment 3D models.

With the completion of the Project, the RMGs can handle containers of internal container trucks and turn over containers within the area automatically in the container yard of Tianjin Five Continents International Terminal as well as remote manual control on external container trucks. It makes sure the operation efficiency of automatic RMGs of 35.2TEU/h with the leading functions and index. 

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