Commencement of 56 automatic RMGs of PSA Singapore

Time:2019-06-25    Number:3323    【Big Middle Small】    

The project of 56 automatic RMGs of PSA Singapore commenced by ZPMC on June 12th.

ZPMC signed the contract on 56 automatic RMGs and 20 dual-trolley STSs with PSA Singapore in March 2019 to provide services for Tuas Terminal. Tuas Terminal, the largest automatic terminal in the world, consists of berths for 26km with the container handling capacity of 65million TEU, of which the first berth will be put into operation in 2021.

PSA Singapore has cooperated with ZPMC for 24 years since 1995. The project of 56 automatic RMGs will be manufactured by Nantong Base, the fifth cooperation with PSA Singapore. Nantong Base has produced 186 automatic RMGs for PSA Singapore.

The first batch of 6 RMGs is predicted to deliver on Dec 31st, 2020 and the last batch will be delivered in May 2022.

Tuas Project of PSA Singapore is the largest one of ZPMC this year, involving 28 STSs and 78 RTGs (including optional items) with the total price of $500million. The Tuas Terminal will be an automatic one with 64 berthing positions and the annual cargo handling capacity of 65million TEU, the largest port project of ZPMC at present, after the automatic terminal of Shanghai Yangshan Phase IV.

It’s learned that to make better cooperation, ZPMC is planning to establish a branch of Zhenhua Research Institute in Singapore PSA for mutual research on the requirements of PSA in the future, including the new technical R&D and technical problems solution, promoting the further cooperation of both parties in the globe. ZPMC has supplied more than 300 pieces of port equipment since entering the market of Singapore in 1994. 

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