ZPMC’s RTGs first entry into market of Australia

Time:2019-06-25    Number:9567    【Big Middle Small】    

The automatic railway RTGs was designed and manufactured by ZPMC for Port of Botany Bay in Sydney Australia recently, indicating the first entry of ZPMC’s RTGs into the market of Australia.

It is a type of wholly automatic and swing railway RTG, which is initiative in the world.  It owns the span of 23m and extending distance of 15m, which can pass three rows of containers over the height of one container. It’s mainly used for the railway container transportation and cooperation with automatic straddle carriers in fully automatic operation. The RTG with the automatic container scanning area can interact with the terminal operation system, completing the automatic cargo handling on the train.

It is the first test of ocean-rail through service in Australia, of which the success will be a model for other ports in Australia, bringing about more cooperation opportunities for ZPMC. 

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