First contract on intelligent straddle carrier by ZPMC

Time:2019-06-10    Number:55314    【Big Middle Small】    

ZPMC will deliver eight intelligent straddle carriers for Hutchison to be put into use at Stockholm Terminal of Sweden. It is the first contract on the intelligent straddle carrier by ZPMC, indicating the innovative product winning the approval of the leading market.

The straddle carrier is the special loading and unloading machinery for removing and piling of containers between container terminal frontiers and warehouses, featuring high mobility and flexibility, energy saving, environment protection and low maintenance costs. It can complete various operations, including picking up containers automatically, moving, piling, loading and unloading. It can pick and move the containers automatically.

There are more than 1,000 container terminals in the globe at present and the container straddle carriers are used in the horizontal transportation of terminals in more than half of oversea ports. However, the automatic carrier only covers the proportion of less than 5% mainly due to high costs of peripheral equipment for the automatic carrier but low operation efficiency. The intelligent straddle carrier manufactured by ZPMC can be operated in either manual or unmanned mode, and can be switched freely between the two. The straddle carrier is designed in module with the diesel and battery hybrid power, driving wheel-side synchronous motor and eight-wheel hydraulic independent steering system, said ZPMC.ZPMC announced this new generation of intelligent straddle carrier technologies in 2018, which was a brand new product and under testing at that time.

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