Café of first whole industrial chain integration by ZPMC

Time:2019-05-08    Number:26641    【Big Middle Small】    

CCCC Zhenhua Green Construction Technology Co., Ltd. of ZPMC built the first café of the whole industrial chain integration in module assembly mode with only 22 days recently. The café is named as Star Station with the one-stop services of planning, designing, manufacturing, transportation, installation and operation by CCCC Zhenhua Green Construction Technology Co., Ltd..

Such café is a one-story commercial complex of 4 modules, covering a construction area of 157m2. The café is designed of the whole steel framework constructed with advanced technical ideas of active, negative house and module construction. The pre-manufacturing of 90% above is completed within the factory and the complex was transported to the site for the assembly and installation, featuring beautiful appearance, complete functions, rapid installation and simple rearrangement.

ZPMC founded CCCC Zhenhua Green Construction Technology Co., Ltd. in 2018 with advantages on steel structures and manufacturing and mature experience of construction design and real estate development of ZPMC, a professional module green house construction company to provide the energy-saving and zero-carbon emission house to owners for a good life with wisdom. 

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