ZPMC entering steel bridge market of Australia for the first time

Time:2019-05-08    Number:201    【Big Middle Small】    

ZPMC signed the contract with CPBJH of Australia on supporting bridges to Westgate Tunnel recently.

The supporting bridges, one of important projects in the western Virginia State of Australia, are located at the west part of suburban railways of Melbourne, consisting of 9 bridges and related accessory structures of the steel of 33,000t totally. The Bridges of the steel U-shaped girders will be constructed in accordance with the requirements of Australian standards. It is the first entry of ZPMC into the steel bridge market of Australia, a milestone for the Company.

The project will reduce the urban traffic pressure greatly for safe driving of residents after the completion and thousands of container trucks will never pass the crowded streets in residential quarters any longer. The project, as a land mark, will show the first level of construction and urban landscape design in the world. 

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