Signing ceremony between ZPMC and PTP of Malaysia

Time:2019-04-12    Number:551    【Big Middle Small】    

The signing ceremony on 8 STSs and 10 RTGs was held between ZPMC and Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas Sdn Bhd (hereinafter referred to as PTP) of Malaysia on April 3rd. Huang Qingfeng, President and Vice-secretary of ZPMC and Marco Neelsen, CEO of PTP were present at the ceremony.

Huang expressed his appreciation for the support from PTP terminals and introduced the global market exploration, arrangements in countries along the Belt and Road as well as the improvement in the design, production, manufacturing and services in recent years. He promised to deliver the equipment in time, making sure the quality and quantity was of a high standard. So far, ZPMC is the only crane manufacturer to deliver the equipment within such a short period to meet the requirements of users. He wished both parties would support and help each other on the basis of amicable cooperation.

PTP purchases eight 3E-Plus STSs and ten main supply RTGs this time, which will relieve the increasing container handling pressure of PTP terminals in Malaysia

To handle containers of new super large container carriers, PTP has been purchasing new, highly effective port machinery continuously from ZPMC. ZPMC has provided 37 STSs and 76 RTGs for terminals of PTP until now.

 Liu Qizhong, Vice-president of ZPMC and related representatives from Port Machinery Operation Department were also present at the signing ceremony. 

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