Commencement of JSD6000 deepwater lifting and pipe laying barge by ZPMC

Time:2019-04-12    Number:641    【Big Middle Small】    

The commencement ceremony was held by Qidong Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. for JSD6000 deepwater lifting and pipe laying barge by ZPMC on 10:18 April 1st.

The barge, with the total length of 215.88m, molded width of 49.00m, molded depth of 14.70m and maximum draught of 10.834m, can hold the crew of 399. The barge is equipped with 5,000t wholly-swing crane, J-Lay and S-Lay pipe laying systems, 8-point positioning anchoring system and DP3 dynamic positioning system. With the optimal arrangement program and effective integration of two types of pipe laying systems, the barge can lay pipes of 6-60 inches in the diameter in shallow water, deep water and super deep water by the single barge, of which the maximum water depth can be as much as 3,000m.

The barge can reduce the dependence on foreign equipment for the deep water pipe laying in China and improve the pipe laying capacity greatly. It is another important equipment by ZPMC, following Dehe, a 5,000t lifting and pipe laying barge for Yantai Salvage Bureau and Chuangli, a 4,500t floating crane for Shanghai Salvage Company (SSC).

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