Unmanned Container Trucks will be coming soon to the Container Ports

Time:2019-03-29    Number:482    【Big Middle Small】    

Recently, ZPMC Smart Solutions Group completed the phased R&D testing of five all-electric unmanned vehicles in the No. 22 berth of Tangshan Port Container Terminal.

The test initially established and opened a complete operating system for automated driverless trucks and terminal container handling equipment. The system realized the automatic interaction of the operation information of the driverless truck and the automated RMG crane.

At the same time, the functional tests of the driverless truck in the actual working environment were completed. Through the test of long-term practical application scenarios, a number of important empirical data were obtained, which laid a solid foundation for the commercialization of large-scale fleets in the port for the next stage, and demonstrated the feasibility of commercialization of unmanned trucks in ports. .

At present, ZPMC is actively promoting the application of unmanned trucks in container ports, providing the most cost-effective retrofit solution for the automation upgrade of many traditional truck container terminals around the world.

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