ZPMC completing 35th Antarctic scientific expedition successfully

Time:2019-03-28    Number:376    【Big Middle Small】    

Xuelong returned to the terminal of the domestic base for the polar expedition of China on March 12th, indicating the successful completion of the 35th Antarctic scientific expedition. The Company, together with other 80 units, made up the 35th Antarctic Scientific Expedition Team for a 162-day expedition on the Antarctic. 

The expedition is intended for the construction of important infrastructures in Antarctic, focusing on the closing of Taishan Station Phase II, related construction for the new station of Ross Sea on Enksburg Island, establishment of Antarctic observation/supervision network, survey on marine environment protection and environment control around the station.

During the expedition, the Company, focusing on the planning of the new station of Ross Sea on Enksburg Island, made records of the observation during the voyage of Xuelong, exchanged with related persons, participated into the whole construction of temporary works on the site of the new station and accumulated rich survey documents and data, making solid foundation for CCCC’s participation in the further construction on Antarctic.

Xuelong, as well as 10 standard sledges, 1 large sledge and 2 flexible tank sledges, started its voyage for the Antarctic on Nov 2nd, 2018, supporting the Antarctic Scientific Expedition Team for the transportation on the ice and providing contribution for the polar scientific expedition of China. 

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