Triumphant return of the dredger Hangjun No. 6008 after trial voyage

Time:2019-03-18    Number:387    【Big Middle Small】    

The 6,500m3 drag-suction dredger Hangjun No. 6008 by ZPMC for Shanghai Dredging Co., Ltd. returned to the terminal of Qidong Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. from the sea area near the Changjiang Estuary after the trial voyage of 4 days on Feb 26th. The joint debugging for the whole dredger was made during the trial voyage, focusing on the actual test on the automatic control system, a key step for the dredger to be a real dredging tool.

During the trial voyage, the tests were made on the communication and navigation, anchoring, durability, rotation and steering, especially on the automatic dredging control system (one-man dredging mode). In the automatic dredging control test, the control system made continuous adjustment on construction parameters on the basis of feedback data of the dredging state from sensors, keeping the dredging and loading with a stable range of the flow velocity and high density and reducing the fluctuation, thus, making sure the dredging efficiency. Meanwhile, the dredger also made different tests on the arm resistance measurement, normal and emergent mud dumping as well as the first spraying.

The dredger is a single arm one, featuring high automation and environment protection standards. After the delivery, it will promote maintaining the water depth of the Changjiang Estuary and the voyage efficiency as well as the breakthrough on the construction of Shanghai International Shipping Center and Shanghai Free Trade Area. 

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