ZPMC in two lists of top 100 companies going out

Time:2019-02-27    Number:754    【Big Middle Small】    

ZPMC was listed at the 16th of Top 100 Companies of Turnover in Foreign Contracting Projects and the 15th of Top 100 Companies of New Contract in Foreign Contracting Projects in 2018 by the Ministry of Commerce recently.

The data of the Ministry of Commerce shows that the turnover of foreign contracting projects was RMB¥1.12trillion in 2018, with a year-on-year reduction of 1.7%. The new contract prices of foreign contracting projects were reduced by 10.7%, compared with the same period of last year. Despite the slow growth of foreign projects, 100 companies, including ZPMC, have been striving ahead, completing the turnover of foreign contracting projects. 

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