Delivery of Zhenbao No. 2, an upgraded semi-submersible abalone cultivation platform

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Recently, Zhenbao No. 2, a semi-submersible abalone cultivation platform by ZPMC, was shipped successfully to Putian Fujian Province.

Zhenbao No. 2, which, though, is considered as the twin of Zhenbao No. 1, is designed with quite different ideas in the structure, cultivation principle and functions. The platform of the semi-submersible structure consists of the ballast tank and two permanent dry cabins of E shape, weighing 360t approximately. The platform can dive into the water to fight against the storm with the ballasting of the tank in case of the typhoon of more than 12 levels.

The platform is initiative in China with 4 column cabins and 24 cages of 2m in the length, 2.4m in the width and 6m in the height in the center, cultivating 12t abalone in 5,000 different boxes at one time. In the marine cultivation, the upper surface of the cage is kept 3m from the water surface while the lower surface 9m from it. The abalones are generally fed once every 3 days, in which the 2 trolleys at the top of the cages are used to lift the cages out of the water. Generally, one feeding can be completed with lifting cages three times, making sure the manual cultivation changing to the mechanical and automatic cultivation.

Meanwhile, ZPMC, adhering to the environment protection principles, adopts the new wind power generator and the invertor to distribute the wind power to consumption units of trolley mechanical system, seawater monitoring system and AIS system, making full use of rich marine wind power. All data of PH value, salinity and content of oxygen of the seawater monitoring system can be transmitted wirelessly to mobile terminals of users with the Telecommunication card. The users can download a customer APP to master all the monitoring of the whole platform easily, making sure the lazy feeding mode of learning about all details with one mobile phone.

The new cultivation equipment solves the problems of poor capacity against storms and waves, much labor of manual operation and low livability of the abalone in the traditional mode and also expands the present cultivation area to the far deep sea. It increases the cultivation scale, promoting the rapid development of new economic industries along the coastline of Fujian Province and supporting the development of Maritime Fujian. 

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