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ZPMC Nantong Branch was established in July 2006, and is located in No.169 Jianghai Road ,Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone. From the beginning of 2006, the modern enterprise was established with the assembly, debugging and delivery of the products in large steel manufacturing and port machinery rapidly.

Nantong Base covers a total area of 646,000 m 2, and there are 17 cross-owned steel workshops, auxiliary facilities such as red sand, paint, steel pre-workshop, and the yield per month is 15,000 tons. The coastline is about 1.2 km and ZPMC has the staff of over 4000 people, with a strong manufacturing capacity of conventional port machinery products and large steel bridge, gantry crane, marine floating crane. In the four years of construction and development process, the internal operation of the production is more mature, the production plan is more scientific and reasonable, and the production capacity is increasing steadily in Nantong Base. In the financial crisis, ZPMC turned the market to the marine market, to the marine market, and in2009, Nantong Base manufactured 5 floating cranes (a Singapore 2000T floating crane, four 1600T floating crane).

With the development of the product market, Nantong Base will develop into the main production base of steel bridge, large gantry crane, floating cranes, ship fittings and other large steel markets, bridges, and marine heavy engineering equipments.

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