ZPMC-Developed Tilting Spreader for Reach Stackers onto Production Lines

Time:2022-06-13    Number:141    【Big Middle Small】    

To adapt to the development of bulk cargo transport modes like highway to railway and non-containers to containers, the tilting spreaders, newly developed by ZPMC for direct coupling with reach stackers, have been subjected to a successful test run, and are capable of handling with cargo discharging of open top containers of all types.

Thanks to weight reduction design, this model has a dead weight of 10 metric tons, yet a rated capacity of 35 metric tons, and can fit reach stackers with a rated capacity of 45 metric tons. Both the hydraulic dynamic and electrical operations for the tilting spreaders come from reach stackers, and can couple with reach stackers via quick connection, where working modes can be switched only in two minutes. Through quick switch of guide blocks on the tilting spreaders, the equipment can adapt to ISO standard open top containers and railway standard open top containers, and any container with a height of from 2.6 to 2.9 meters can easily tilt by 360 degrees. What’s more, bulk cargo does not spill over during operation, which can to the largest extent ease dust pollution.

This tilting spreader model of reach stackers can be widely applied at piers, cargo yards and other areas where reach stackers are involved, enhancing productivity for customers.

ZMPC undertakes the butterfly-style steel arch of the main span and the steel box girders at the side spans, with a total length of 400 meters and a total weight of 13,835 metric tons. The tasks fulfilled by ZMPC includes steel structure making, overall assembly and unloading of the main bridge, overall assembly of the approach bridges, overall sliding onto ship of the main bridge, lifting onto ship of the approach bridges, and reinforcement for shipping among others.

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