Zhenhua 29 Vessel Finished Semi-Submersible Shipping Project

Time:2022-05-11    Number:214    【Big Middle Small】    

Recently, Zhenhua 29 Vessel successfully unloaded one large power generating ship at Abidjan port in Ivory Coast, smoothly wrapping up a semi-submersible shipping project from Turkey to Ivory Coast.

Rough waves surge all year round at the Abidjan port in Ivory Coast, not favorable to unloading of ships. Thanks to the proper coordination with both the client and the port, Zhenhua 29 decided to travel beneath elevated electric cables under state of overload while approaching the port, and to unload cargoes at the anchorage in the port. However, the anchorage came with a narrow water domain, where the vessel had to be positioned by dual anchors at bow and a towboat astern, posing challenges to operations.

All crew onboard Zhenhua 29 stringently observed relevant provisions, implemented anti-pandemic measures and anti-piracy approaches, laid out unloading scheme, and also identified all potential dangers. Due to meticulous organization and active coordination, eventually we overcame difficulties and smoothly accomplished the task of unloading the power generating ship.

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