Delivery of South Korea Busan BCT Quayside Crane Project

Time:2021-11-24    Number:84    【Big Middle Small】    

In the morning of November 10, "Zhenhua 26", loaded with four Quayside Crane for South Korea Busan BCT Project, slowly left the wharf of Changxing Branch and went to South Korea. This is the second batch of delivery. And up to now, all 8 quayside crane of this project have been shipped.

This project is the first remote control automatic quayside crane without driver's cab manufactured by the company for customer in South Korea. With forward extension distance of 70 m, backward extension distance of 22 m, gauge of 35 m, lifting height of 53 m above rail, 19 m under rail, and rated load of 65 t, all of these equipment are equipped with advanced systems such as electronic anti-sway system, vibration monitoring, ship type scanning system and trolley full-range magnetic induction positioning system, etc., which is the remote control project.

BCT (Busan Container Terminal) is a newly-built automatic wharf in South Korea. Its horizontal transportation adopts "ARMG + straddle carrier" operation technology, and it is a semi-automatic container terminal. At present, there are11 quayside cranes and 44 automatic road cranes that all are provided by Zhenhua Heavy Industry.

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