Delivery of South Korea Ulsan Quayside Crane Project

Time:2021-11-24    Number:73    【Big Middle Small】    

On September 30, the final delivery certificate of one quayside crane in Ulsan New Port UNCT, South Korea, was signed with the port within 15 days after the pre-delivery of it, marking the completion of the final delivery of the project.

Ulsan New Port of South Korea is located in the southeast coast of the east of South Korea, and its four quayside crane in service are all manufactured by Zhenhua Heavy Industry. This new quayside crane is a supplemented order that arrived on July 1. Affected by COVID-19 pandemic, the external electric control debugging engineers could not go to the production base for debugging, and the equipment was directly sent to the site before completing the debugging and inspection, and it was finally debugged and inspected at the site in South Korea.

Through sincere cooperation between the project team and the Korean subsidiary at the delivery site, the project was pre-delivered 45 days in advance. At present, after two weeks of commercial operation, this new crane performs well and has been recognized by users and has successfully obtained the delivery certificate.

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