A New Fully Automatic Separating Rack developed by Zhenhua Heavy Industry

Time:2021-11-24    Number:78    【Big Middle Small】    

In order to improve the efficiency of container loading and unloading in the mode of single lift double spreader, Shanghai Port Machinery Heavy Industry has developed a new type of fully automatic separating rack, which is mainly aimed to adapt to the development trend of automatic ports, and meet the actual requirements of users and operating conditions.

This equipment is characterized by being able to match with conventional lifting tools to lift containers under single spreader mode, and two special slings being connected at the same time to realize the operation of single lifting and double slings in the double spreader mode. In the whole process, ground personnel are no required to participate in. The switching between rack and lifting tool, docking of the plug and socket, and anchoring mechanism reliably anchors the mechanical structure in single and dual modes are fully automated. The rotating pin mechanism is equipped with mechanical and electrical interlocks, which has a relatively higher safety factor.

Compared with the previous separating rack, the new separating rack optimized the assembly mode of the oil cylinder anchoring mechanism and the overall structure of the pulley moving bracket. With more stable structure and more concise assembly, it improved the stability of the bolt cylinder during anchoring.

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