The Products of Zhenhua Heavy Industry Entered the 105th Country/ Region in the World

Time:2021-11-24    Number:73    【Big Middle Small】    

Recently, Zhenhua Heavy Industry signed the sale contract of two sets of 3,000 / 4,000 t/h bucket-wheel stacker-reclaimer with COMILOG Company of Gabon, which marks the successful entry of the products of Zhenhua Heavy Industry into the 105th country/region in the world.

COMILOG is specialized in manganese mining and is the largest manganese mining company in Gabon, the second largest exporter of manganese ore in the world, and is affiliated to Erasteel Group of France, the world's largest producer of special steels, manganese alloys and nickel alloys.

The two bucket-wheel stacker-reclaimers of this contract are to be used at two manganese ore yards of COMILOG in Owendo and Moanda, Gabon, and are scheduled for delivery in January 2023. The equipment is equipped with the remote control and automatic operation function of bulk cargo equipment that independently developed by Zhenhua Heavy Industry, which can effectively improve the operation efficiency, assist Erasteel Group to achieve the goal of increasing annual output by 7 million tons, and strengthen the competitiveness of the company in overseas bulk market as well.

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