Delivery of Shore Cranes for the Busan Project, South Korea

Time:2021-09-02    Number:129    【Big Middle Small】    

On Aug 28, the first 4 shore cranes constructed for Busan, South Korea, were delivered by ZPMC via the "Zhenghua 27" vessel from its Changxing branch's dock, heading for the Busan dock, South Korea.

The shore cranes of the project have the outreach of 70m, the backreach of 22m, the track gauge of 35m, the above-the-track lifting height of 53m, the beneath-track lifting height of 19m, and the rated loading capacity of 65 tons, which is a remote control project. The project commenced construction in May 2020. Due to native impacts of fitting components, pandemic, Chinese new year holiday, and so forth during construction, the project department arranged construction proactively and settled various problems timely, which ensured the successful shipment and delivery.

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