Shipment of A Total of 10 Equipment for 6 Countries

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On August 20, "Zhenhua 35", loaded with 2 quay cranes for American South Carolina and 2 quay cranes for Mauritania, and "Zhenhua 36", loaded with 1 quay crane for Spain, 1 quay crane for Egypt, 1 quay crane for Turkey and 3 rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) for India, shipped from Changxing Branch.

South Carolina Project, U.S.

The Project is an unconventional girder lowering project, with difficulty to construct. It is required to meet the local standards of the U.S. and the special construction requirements of South Carolina users. In the Project, priority is given to quality during various links of production, commissioning, inspection and acceptance to constantly optimize the project design, so as to ensure the smooth delivery of equipment.

The container terminal in South Carolina is one of the busiest docks on the east coast of the U.S. and an important partner of ZPMC. There are 4 equipment in the Project, and the first 2 equipment have been delivered.

Mauritania Project

There are 2 quay cranes in the Project, which was commenced in September 2019. With a front extension distance of 55m, a rear extension distance of 15m, a track gauge of 30.48m, a lifting height of 41m on the track, a weight of 65t under the rated spreader and 70t under the hook, the quay crane has functions such as container truck location.

Mauritania is the 103rd country ZPMC has business. Affected by COVID-19, typhoon and other adverse factors during the production and manufacturing of the Project, the smooth shipment of the Project is achieved with the cooperation of relevant departments and the supervision company.

Valencia Project, Spain

In the Project, the rated load of the quay crane is 65t (under the spreader). The whole machine control system of the equipment realizes high quality and high stability, and can intuitively understand the real-time working state of each brake in the man-machine interface of the machine room; the intelligent projection lamp system of trolley and lifting mechanism can change the brightness of projection lamp according to the actual position, effectively improving energy utilization and reducing energy consumption.

Alexandria Project, Egypt

The Quay Crane Project for Port Alexander was commenced in November 2020 and the general assembly was completed in April 2021. The Port Alexander is the 2nd largest city and the largest port in Egypt. It is a port on the south bank of the Mediterranean Sea and the most important seaport in Egypt. The Project is also the 3rd time since 2015 that ZPMC has provided a full set of lifting equipment design, manufacturing and services for users of the wharf.

Turkey Project

The quay crane for Safiport in Turkey has a total height of 74.5m and a total weight of about 1,500t. It will pass through two bridges during transportation, and the girder should be lowered for shipment. During the construction of the Project, the Project Department and relevant departments worked together to overcome the adverse effects of weather and COVID-19, reasonably formulated and implemented the production plan, to ensure the smooth shipment of the Project.

India Project

The VCTPL RTGs in India includes 9 equipment, and it is the first batch in this shipment. After the equipment was powered on in mid-July, the Project Department has made overall arrangements to ensure that the manufacturing quality and progress of structural parts meet the requirements, so as to lay the foundation for the smooth shipment. Currently, the last 6 equipment of the Project have also entered the power on commissioning stage.

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