Completion of Delivery of Bridge Type Grab Bucket Ship Unloader for Brazil

Time:2021-08-25    Number:173    【Big Middle Small】    

Recently, a bridge type grab bucket ship unloader manufactured by ZPMC for TERAMG Terminal of Santos Port, Brazil, has been delivered and put into use and in good operation.

The unloader was shipped at the end of February and docked at the user's terminal at the beginning of April. With a rated production capacity of 1,200t/h, the unloader is used for receiving and unloading sulfur and other chemical raw materials. The applicable ship type for ship unloading is a 30,000-75,000-dwt bulk carrier.

The TERAMG of Santos Port, Brazil purchased a 1,200t/h grab bucket ship unloader from ZPMC in 2005, and the unloader runs stably and has reliable quality after delivery, which has been highly praised by users. With the increase of terminal capacity, ZPMC has won the favor of users again with high-quality and reliable products after more than 10 years.

During the delivery of the unloader, the delivery team successfully overcame a series of difficulties such as tight construction period, heavy tasks and complex construction in the face of complex and severe COVID-19, and was affirmed by users.

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