The World's First Traditional Container Terminal Whole Process Automation Upgrading and Transformation Project to Achieve Full Operation in Port of Tianjin

Time:2021-02-04    Number:131    【Big Middle Small】    
Recently, the whole process automation upgrading project of the world's first traditional container terminal has been put into full operation in the Port of Tianjin. ZPMC, as the main participant, is responsible for the remote control transformation of 31 automatic RMGs in the yard and 4 quay cranes in Phase I.
During the implementation of the Project, ZPMC led the research and development of the first container operation task integrated management system (ETMS), which realized the one-stop unified management of independent operation units such as unmanned container truck, automatic unlocking station and quay crane management system (QCMS). In addition, the Company has independently developed anti-sway and anti-twist, container tractor guidance technology and a new generation of high-precision cloud point map ship scanning system, to realize the remote control automation of container quay crane "one key landing the case", making the quay crane operation efficiency reach the international leading level, and providing a "Chinese Model" for the construction of the world's smart ports.
Nowadays, automated container terminal has become a hot topic in port circle. Xiamen Yuanhai, Port of Qingdao, and Shanghai Yangshan Phase IV, as well as Guangzhou Nansha Phase IV under construction, Guangxi Beibu Gulf Qinzhou Port, and other domestic automated terminals built by ZPMC are constantly emerging. As we all know, the construction of a new "Devil's Wharf" requires a lot of investments and efforts, which makes many traditional container terminals unable to be built "feeling powerless and frustrated". Therefore, ZPMC focuses on the upgrading of traditional container terminal automation, and independently develops a number of new technologies: remote automation system of tyre crane based on 5G communication; IGV autonomous navigation system based on multi-sensor fusion; a new generation of high-precision cloud point map quay crane ship scanning system; container operation task integrated management system and so on.
In addition, based on analog simulation, digitalization and other technologies, ZPMC provides users with one-stop solutions to help traditional terminals realize automation upgrading. In the past decade, ZPMC has participated in the construction of nearly 60 automation projects at home and abroad, of which automation upgrading projects account for more than 30%, involving nearly 100 sets of port machinery and equipment, including Port of Tianjin, Busan New Port PNC Terminal, Xiamen Hairun Terminal and other automation upgrading projects. Through technological innovation, ZPMC continues to contribute to the development and construction of the automation and intelligence of world's terminals.

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