Shipments of Quay Cranes to South Carolina, the U.S. and Senegal

Time:2020-12-28    Number:327    【Big Middle Small】    
On Dec. 21, two quay cranes built by ZPMC for the users in South Carolina and another two for Senegal respectively departed from Changxing Branch Company by "ZHEN HUA 27". 
For the quay cranes delivered to South Carolina, the rated load is 65 tons, the gauge is 30 meters, and the lifting height is 70 meters. The project team overcame difficulties by unity and cooperation, and shortened the construction cycle from twenty days or so to ten days in durability test run, lowering girder, dismantling accessory column and other difficult processes by reasonable organization to guarantee the smooth delivery of the project.
For the quay cranes manufactured for Senegal, the rated load is 65 tons, the gauge is 17 meters, and the lifting height is 38 meters. During construction, the Project Department strengthened internal and external communication and coordination with reasonable organization and scientific planning. It is well received by users and supervisor.

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