ZPMC Successfully Developed a New Type of Multi-functional Spreader

Time:2020-12-28    Number:434    【Big Middle Small】    
Recently, ZPMC successfully developed a new type of multi-functional spreader (PIGGYBACK spreader). The spreader is widely used for lifting conventional containers, non-standard containers, flat cars, trailers, etc. Currently, the prototype test of the core mechanism and the heavy load test of the whole machine have been completed.
In recent years, the freight volume of multi-modal transport in China has risen sharply, and the requirements for port and railway operation equipment are higher and higher. At present, the function of the traditional spreader is relatively simple. In the process of lifting, the user needs to change the spreader frequently, otherwise, the efficiency of cargo transfer will be seriously affected. In order to meet the needs of users, ZPMC begins to develop new multi-functional spreaders. 
Compared with foreign similar models, the new type spreader can quickly realize multi-mode switching, and the end translation mechanism can adjust the lifting point in the width direction, to quickly switch the mode of lifting ISO standard box or WTP wide box; full stroke design is adopted for the telescopic mechanism, which can lift any container and flat car of any specification; with the central tilting mechanism the left and right active rolling can be realized to adapt to the containers and flat cars stacked on the slope; and the four-legged pedal mechanism is a quick disassembly type, which can be quickly replaced to adapt to different standards of container trucks and flat cars. In addition, all mechanisms are designed externally, which is convenient for repair and maintenance. Such spreader can also be applied to any type of cranes, such as tire crane and rail crane.

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