Latin America Subsidiary promoting oversea projects

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ZPMC Latin America Subsidiary, faced with the increasingly serious COVID-19, promoted the equipment emergent repairs of Cristobal Terminal and maintenance of CCT Terminal of Colón Port in Panama as well as the STSs relocation of SSAM Terminal in Mexico as well as the pandemic prevention and control in accordance with the requirements on the pandemic control and work resumption by CCCC and the Company. 
Solving problems for emergent repairs 
Latin America Subsidiary received the user’s call for help on April 14th. STS No.33 of Panama HWL Cristobal Terminal at the side of the Atlantic was damaged seriously due to the strike of a container vessel, of which the left gantry at the sea side was derailed fully. The Subsidiary immediately organized related technicians to take protection measures and left for the site for the investigation and emergent repairs. 
“The emergent repairs on the equipment of Cristobal Terminal was made during the most serious period of the pandemic in the Latin America. It was quite hard to make the pandemic control on the site.” , said Qian Weiyong, the person in charge of the Latin America Subsidiary. There was no 500t hydraulic jack at the local area. So the Subsidiary asked Zhenhua No. 35 working in Dominica for two 500t hydraulic jacks for the emergent restoration of the STS. All workers on the site wore masks during the whole work and it took 8 hours to complete the work successfully.  
The STS has been put into operation again after the structural repairs now. The Subsidiary organized for the emergent repairs during the pandemic, solving the urgent problem of the user, winning the high appraise from the user. 
Working for normal operation of ports 
The technicians of the Subsidiary were providing the 24h technical support for CCT Terminal of Colón Port, Balboa Terminal of Panama City and other terminals for the normal operation of the equipment on terminals during the period of the pandemic. 
Many domestic teams for the projects in the Latin America failed to reach the sites due to the pandemic. The Latin America Subsidiary took the local advantages to assist the relocation of 2 STSs of SSAM Terminal in Mexico and the ship unloading for Caucedo Port in Dominica to make sure the development of projects as scheduled. The Subsidiary sought for the local subcontractor’s team actively, made negotiation with the users and sent the foreign engineers of the Subsidiary for the emergent help on the basis of the sites, helping to complete these two projects successfully. 
Making scientific pandemic control to promote orderly operation of Subsidiary 
The Subsidiary founded the leading team on the pandemic prevention and control and prepared the emergency program and related systems to promote the orderly work resumption scientifically. 
Besides purchasing new intelligent temperature measuring equipment, taking daily disinfection, temperature monitoring and scientific planning on purchasing medical supplies, the Subsidiary also provided the small sum of interest-free loan for the staff in the economic trouble, making sure the life of the staff. “It was a hard time for every people. Many people lost their jobs due to the pandemic. However, my company didn’t fire me but provided the help. Thanks to ZPMC for the care for us.”, said Diana, a local worker of the Subsidiary receiving the interest-free loan. 
The Latin America Subsidiary made active response to the call of the China Embassy and the local Chinese Chamber of Commerce to perform the social responsibilities of a central company. The Subsidiary, jointly with other China-invested companies, contributed the money for the local schools to purchase the medical supplies and also , on behalf of ZPMC, donated medical supplies for the Supreme Court, National Audit Office and the port users of Panama. “ZPMC is always an international company with the sense of responsibility, sound achievements and reputation. It’s a timely help from ZPMC to donate medical supplies in such a critical moment.”, said Gerardo Solis, Director of National Audit Office with sincere thanks. 
ZPMC Latin America Subsidiary was founded in Panama in 2015, with the local workers of about 90%, mainly responsible for the project management, business expansion, products sales and services as well as logistics operation in Latin America. The Subsidiary constructed a large regional warehouse center of about 1,300m2 for the sales, storage and transfer of parts and components. 

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