ZPMC winning contract on port straddle carriers in South Africa

Time:2020-06-29    Number:370    【Big Middle Small】    
Recently, ZPMC South Africa Subsidiary obtained the letter of contract award on 22+66 port straddle carriers from South Africa Transnet TPT Terminal, improving the types of ZPMC equipment in the port machinery market greatly and the market share in South Africa. 
It was the second port supporting equipment project of South Africa Subsidiary during the period of the pandemic. The Subsidiary once signed the contract on 7 port offset tractors with TPT Terminal in South Africa. 
Compared with the straddle carries of other brands, ZPMC’s straddle carriers are of the light structures, equipped with the large power diesel engineers and the new integrated hoist reducer brakes. To make sure the safe operation, the straddle carriers are equipped with the power room automatic fire extinguishers, fatigue monitoring system, operator's cab security system and the semi-automatic system for the automatic path identification, obstacle avoidance and container stopping at high positions. 
The first batch of 22 STSs will be delivered to the users of Transnet by the end of this year. 
The first unmanned straddle carrier of the world was developed in ZPMC in November, 2018. ZPMC signed the commercial contract on the intelligent straddle carriers with HWL Stockholm CTN Terminal in January, 2019 to provide 8 intelligent straddle carriers and operation systems, indicating the innovative product winning the approval of the leading market. ZPMC won the contract on two intelligent straddle carriers for Barcelona BEST Terminal in Spain and the contract on one intelligent straddle carrier for Aahus Terminal in Denmark in the second half of 2019. 
ZPMC completed delivering 8 intelligent straddle carriers to Stockholm CTN Terminal and won the contract award on 22+66 intelligent straddle carriers from South Africa TPT Terminal during the period of the pandemic. It showed that the intelligent straddle carriers by ZPMC won the approval in the global markets. 

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