STS unloading for Malaysia PTP Project

Time:2020-06-19    Number:533    【Big Middle Small】    
Four STSs of the first batch for Malaysia PTP Project were unloaded successfully on June 8th. Such batch of equipment was shipped from Changxing Base on May 22nd and arrived at Johor Bahru, the southernmost point of Eurasia successfully on June 1st. The delivery team on the site completed the unloading with only 7 days. The user sent the letter of thanks to appreciate the outstanding organization and professional performance of the Company during the pandemic. 
The total period of the Project was only 13 months. The Company completed the shipping without any correction, obtaining the user’s shipping certificate on time and successful berthing and unloading with the scientific arrangements and the hard work of the project team. 
4 STSs of the first batch for PTP Project are under recovery debugging and the second batch of equipment are being loaded for shipping at Changxing Base at present. Eight STSs will improve the operation of the Terminal after passing the user’s supervisor’s tests and delivery. 

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